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Three items your function can't "function" without.

During a consultation with my wedding couple, I'll always start by explaining the necessary (must-have) stationery. These 3 items will give you peace of mind that your function can "function" on its own while you are mingling and enjoying your special day.
. . .
Whether you are planning printed or digital invitations, your guests need some kind of invitation to inform them WHERE to be, and a DATE and TIME to be there.
Table names, numbers, or any kind of table identification will help your guest find their seats without having to walk by every table searching for their name.
A Seating chart works hand in hand with your table numbers. Help your guests find their seats with a seating chart or escort cards. This will help your guests find their seats with very little effort. 
Let’s be honest, the alternative of walking to every seat looking for your name can get awkward very quickly. :)
. . .
Stationery doesn't have to give your sleepless nights. If you have these 3 items you'll be okay! Happy planning.
xo, Henriëtte