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Template or Custom (What's the difference)

Option 1: Template based on our online shop

The shop is a new addition and I designed it so that couples can purchase beautiful wedding stationery online with fast results.

I provide beautiful Template-based designs on our online shop.

At the online shop you are able to view the design, read the descriptions, and get prices on the spot.

Option 2: Custom-made designs

I am a graphic designer that designs for events and businesses so designing custom stationery pulls my heartstrings. 

Custom wedding stationery is when I design something one of a kind to match your wedding mood board exactly. Prices are quoted according to your idea and the materials we’ll be using. To get a quote we have an easy-to-follow online form. Check it out, leave your details and we’ll get back to you with a price. 

Custom Policy: Custom wedding stationery refers to background artwork, flower buogets and layout. I do not reuse someone else's custom stationery. We build your artwork using individual elements so no two designs can be alike. After your wedding, I archive your project folder and it can’t be sold again. #sorrynotsorry #mycouplesdeserveoneofakind